La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



The Happy Prince in Chile!

The Happy Prince is one of the shows selected to participate at the FamFest 2014!

The Festival Internacional de Teatro Familiar, which in its 7th edition has become a national cultural example, takes place in Santiago, Chile, from July 12th to 27th. Its programme, whose aim is to form new audiences, embraces 33 national and international shows for young spectators, between 0 and 15 years. There are only 6 international proposals, which include productions arriving from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and The Happy Prince is one among the unique three selected shows from Spain.

La Baldufa wants to thank the opportunity that the festival has provided as well as having been trusted by the artistic director, who has scheduled 3 different performances in July 18th and 19th. Besides, we are delighted because we are allowed to perform in a country which is new to us.
We blindly trust this collaboration will show us new paths!

Awesome festival to the organisation and pangs of emotion to you all who are to attend the festival!

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