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Synopsis William Tell

A troupe of comedians and musicians arrive in town and start making havoc. They are a group of artists that travel from town to town telling the legend of William Tell.

They set up the stage and introduce the characters they will play: William Tell, his wife Eduvigis, his son Jemmy, his companion Leutold, old Melcthal and evil Gessler with his entourage of Austrian soldiers.

Helped by objects, puppets and audiovisuals they will tell you how the Austrians destroyed the Swiss little village were William Tell lived, and how he confront them, of his extraordinary aim that saved his son’s life, of how he was caught prisoner and of how he regained freedom and started the uprising of the Swiss people against the Austrians.

In the purest La Baldufa style, the fast action, the farce, the humour and a refined aesthetic will be the backbone of a fresh and fun show that will surely bring the universe of Rossini and the opera closer to the family.


Family Opera
Recommended audience age: 6 years and upwards
Performance running time: 1h
Actors, singers and musicians’ number: 9
Technicians’ number: 1
Premiere: 04/03/2012 – Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona, Catalonia

Artistic Sheet

Original music: Gioachino Rossini
Dramaturgical adaptation & direction: La Baldufa: Enric Blasi, Emiliano Pardo, Carles Pijuan
Music adaptation: Albert Romaní
Text adaptation: Enric Pinyol
Scene direction: Ramon Molins
Set and costume design: Carles Pijuan
Lighting design: Miki Arbizu
Illustrations: Carles Pijuan
Animation: Litosfera
Set construction & atrezzo: Juan Manuel Recio, Joan Pena, Xevi Planas
Wardrobe: Teresa Ortega

La Baldufa production: Amàlia Atmetlló
Office: Isabel Mercé, Pilar Pàmpols

William Tell (Baritone): Xavier Mendoza or Toni Marsol
Eduvigis (Mezzosoprano): Marta Valero or Montserrat Bertral
Jemmy (Soprano): Maya Planas or Helena Abad
Gessler i Leutold (Bass): Josep Ferrer or Xavi Fernàndez
Melcthal: Emiliano Pardo or Carles Pijuan
Comediant: Enric Blasi or Ferran López

Piano: Manuel Ruiz or Olga Kharitonina
Flute/Piccolo: Jaume Cortadellas
Horn: Pau Valls

A production of: GRAN TEATRE DEL LICEU