La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020

Mix up
at the farm

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Puppet show

Recommended audience age for family performances: 3 years and upwards
Recommended audience age for school performances: 3 years and upwards

Performance running time: 1h

Actors’ number: 2
Technicians’ number: 1

Optimal assembly time: 3h
Optimal disassembly time: 1h
Optimal stage measures: 7m width x 6m depth x 3m height
We could make a technical sheet implementation to your scenic space to start from its characteristics.

Premiere: 2004

Special Prize for Educational Content and Stage Presence, 15a Fira de Titelles de Lleida, Catalonia, 2004

SYNOPSIS Mix Up at the Farm

On a Farm where different animals live together, one of Mrs Hen’s eggs disappears. As a result, a big Mix Up develops and suspicions are raised among the Farm’s inhabitants. All suspicion is directed towards the Crow, a newcomer from “abroad”.

Pinyot and Carabassot are two men from the audience who become spectators with a difference. They learn that the inhabitants of the farm are not so different from themselves.

It is a satire in the form of a fable describing current conflicts in our society explained in an uncomplicated, thoughtful and very humorous way.

This piece has been assessed by professionals from within the education sector (teachers and educators). The piece takes nursery and primary school curricula into account, and endeavours to tackle issues such as tolerance, immigration, and racism explicitly using well known characters such as farm animals, which do not come across as strange for children. The environment of the Farm is also closer to our shared knowledge even though it is becoming more and more unfamiliar for our children.


Author: La Baldufa
Direction: Jordi Purtí & La Baldufa

Music: Josep Maria Baldomà
Lighting design: Jordi Purtí, Salvador Servat
Set and costume design: Carles Pijuan
Set construction: Carles Pijuan, Joan Domingo
Wardrobe: Teresa Ortega

· Pinyot: Enric Blasi or Emiliano Pardo
· Carabassot: Carles Pijuan or Ferran López
Sound & lighting technician: Anjos Fernández

Production: La Baldufa
Distribution: Carolina Valle
Office: Ester Vicente, Pilar Pàmpols
Comunication: Maria Carles

Departament de Cultura – Generalitat de Catalunya
IEI – Diputació de Lleida

IMPIC – Ajuntament de Balaguer

Graphic design: Carles Pijuan, Estudi Vivace

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