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Synopsis Cirque déjà vu

Cirque Déjà Vu is the story of Fausto and Anselmo, two old men, two comedians, two clowns, two friends… They meet daily and remember how life at their little circus was and how they brought illusion from town to town.

One of those days, the flow of memories stops; Anselmo is ill. His memories are fleeing and now nothing is as it was. In spite of it, they still are two old men, two friends…

Fausto will make Anselmo relive his past with the aim of making him remember the already lived situations… “Déjà Vu” already seen!

And you? Will you miss it?

Nostalgia and humour mixed together in an homage to old age and friendship


Prize for the Best Male Performance, Ex Aequo, FETEN, Gijón, Spain, 2010


Puppet show and theatre
Recommended audience age for family performances: 6 years and upwards
Recommended audience age for school performances: 8 years and upwards
Performance running time: 50’
Actors’ number: 2
Technicians’ number: 1
Optimal assembly time: 3h
Optimal disassembly time: 2h
Optimal stage measures: 8m width x 7m depth x 5m height
We could make a technical sheet implementation to your scenic space to start from its characteristics.
Premiere: 05/04/2009 – La Mostra, Igualada, Catalonia

Artistic Sheet

Author: La Baldufa
Direction: Ramon Molins, Luís Zornoza Boy & La Baldufa
Music: Óscar Roig
Lighting design: Miki Arbizu
Set & custom design: Carles Pijuan
Set construction: Xevi Planas, Ferran López, Carles Pijuan
Wardrobe: Teresa Ortega

Anselmo: Carles Pijuan or Ferran López
Fausto: Enric Blasi or Emiliano Pardo
Sound & lighting technician: Miki Arbizu or Salvador Servat

Production: La Baldufa
Office: Isabel Mercé, Pilar Pàmpols

INAEM – Ministerio de Cultura
ICIC – Generalitat de Catalunya
IEI – Diputació de Lleida
IMAC – Ajuntament de Lleida

Institut Ramon Llull

Photography for diffusion: David del Val