La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Amal, selected by FETEN, the European Performing Arts Fair for Children

Our latest production, "Amal," has been selected by FETEN, the European Fair of Performing Arts for children and young people. The show will be presented in Gijón, in its theatrical version, on Wednesday, February 28th at 11:45 am at the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura venue.

"Amal," premiered in July 2023, has been showcased in venues such as FiraTàrrega, the Esbaiola’t Festival, or Lleida. The play tells the story of a young woman who, after experiencing the horrors of war, has had to leave her country in search of refuge in Europe. We are delighted that a significant fair like FETEN is featuring a production like "Amal," especially in such a complex and challenging time as the one we are currently facing in many aspects. We believe that performances also serve as a means to engage, involve, and commit ourselves to the society we live in; we strive to provoke and stimulate the audience's thoughts, and FETEN provides an enormous platform to achieve this.

At this same fair, La Baldufa already received last year the FETEN Award for the Best Large Format Show, for ImPERFECT. Also, the company won the Awards for Best Production and Best Scenic Space for The Fable Of The Squirrel. Previously, in 2019, the Award for Best Male Performance, Ex Aequo, for the show Mi Father Is An Ogre; in 2015, the Award for Best Show and Award for Best Direction for Pinocchio, the Award for Best Theatrical Adaptation in 2012 for The Happy Prince; the Award for Best Male Performance Ex Aequo 2010 for Cirque Déjà Vu; the Award for Best Stage Space for The Imaginary Book in 2008 and two other awards for Baron Munchausen in 2001: Best Show and Best Set Design.

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