La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Amal starts touring after its appearance at the Esbaiola't Festival and FiraTàrrega

We return from FiraTàrrega with very positive feelings after having had the opportunity to present "Amal," our latest show, with the duo Laiaiona

After its premiere at the Esbaiola't Festival in July, "Amal" could be seen this past weekend at the 43rd edition of FiraTàrrega. An edition that featured 350 artists, 46 shows, and 17 exhibition spaces. It has been a few days of great intensity and many emotions, but we have loved being able to present "Amal" in such an exceptional setting.

We would like to thank the entire fair's team, who year after year works tirelessly to make both the public and companies feel so warmly welcomed and ensure the event's success. "Amal" has been a part of the fair's Support for Creation Program, and they couldn't have treated us better. The reception, support, and guidance they provided throughout the creative process have been outstanding. Additionally, the show has had the support of IntercettAzioni - Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia/Circuito CLAPS. We are also deeply grateful to them for believing in our project and helping us bring it to life.

And of course, thanks to all the public that has come to see the show and accompanied us on these days as "Amal" began to take its first steps. We hope it goes far!

For now, "Amal's" next stop will be in Lleida on Saturday, September 23.... and very soon, we will be unveiling new dates!

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