La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



The Happy Prince at the Festival d’Avignon

The Happy Prince is to take part in the Festival Théâtr’enfants et tout public, the unique event that, within Le Off program of the 67th Festival d’Avignon, brings together the creation of shows for children and families.
The Happy Prince will be performed at Maison du Théâtre Pour Enfants, MPT Monclar, Grande Salle, once a day at 14.10 h, from 10th to 27th July, except on Sundays.

The festival will celebrate the 31st edition in 2013. It is characterized by a multidisciplinary and diverse programme and it pretends to offer demanding shows with a high artistic quality either for the smallest children or the adults that accompany them.
Among the thirteen companies that are programmed on this edition, La Baldufa is the only foreign one.

La Baldufa wants to pass on our excitement and inspire you to attend the Festival d’Avignon and Théâtr’Enfants et tout public!

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