La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



The Happy Prince is to be released in Norway

The MiniMidiMaxi Festival in Bergen will embrace the release of The Happy Prince Norwegian version, Den Glade Prinsen, on 13th and 14th November at the Logen Teater where 4 performances will be played.

La Baldufa has adapted the show into Norwegian in collaboration with the festival itself, a translator, the recording studio and some native actors and actresses who recorded the show Voice Off, directed by Jorge Picó. We would like to thank them all all their work and their willingness!

MiniMidiMaxi is an international theatre festival for children and the youth that will take place from 12th to 15th November and where 10 different family theatre companies will perform. The festival main aim is to offer an exclusive theatre programme for all audiences through high quality innovative shows originally from Norway and all over the world. The performances will take place in 4 different venues and they are aimed to all the audiences and programmers from all over the world and overall to Norwegian theatres and networks.

This is one of the most important festivals in Norway that may let La Baldufa open many doors in this country. This is why we take on the challenge with enthusiasm, wishing that Den Glade Prinsen let the audience and the Nordic programmers get the most out of it.

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