La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



We ‘premiere’ a country! Stoppested Verden in Norway is waiting for us!

Zeppelin is to perform in the Norwegian city of Hamar, within the framework of the Stoppested Verden Festival, on 1st and 2nd June. This is a festival for all audiences, the largest one in Norway, which program puts together different artists arrived from more than 40 countries. Its aim is to spread the artistic and cultural creations from all over the world and it tries to make widely known this multicultural diversity through concerts, workshops, demonstrations and circus, theatre and dance shows.

Monsieur Bocamoll, Marcello and Ursus will overfly with the Zeppelin the Museum Park of the Norwegian Railway Museum, charming location chosen by the festival as a stage. There will be 4 performances within the weekend, at 13h and 15 hours. You can have a look at the calendar.

We are extremely delighted with the trust that Stoppested Verden has deposited in us! Moreover, being able to discover a new territory for us will be for sure full of new adventures and experiences that we are going to explain to you!

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