La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Thanks for making the Festival Esbaiola’t 2014 possible!

7th edition is finished and we are satisfied. A year marked by an important change in the format of the festival, from the wrist-belt to the tickets, nonetheless, fortunately, the audience has accepted it willingly by enjoying the great performances, with a weather that has finally respected the festival.
What we want is a quality festival, where the audience enjoys the shows comfortably and avoiding crowds. Maintaining this idea of constant improvement, we have made and will make the changes we feel that are necessary to keep growing positively.

This edition 2014 has been a success. 23 out of 30 shows have been sold out, reaching an 84% average of the venues’ capacity. This has made us thought of increasing the number of performances next year, having more alternatives and letting all the people have a place.

We didn’t want to miss the chance to be thankful to those who have helped us to make this Esbaiola’t possible: to the fourteen companies, which have given us the best of their talent; to the Ajuntament d’Esterri, for putting things easy and rely us; to all the traders, hoteliers, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs who have participated as financial sponsors; to l’Escola Llar, for making us feel as at home; to the Ecomuseu, who are always there for all that is required; to Kina Creu, Estarna, Petacanyes and Bastoners, thank you for being so funny! And finally, and most importantly, we are thankful to the audience for their support and involvement.

Thank you for trusting us and, especially, for coming to the Valls d’Àneu to ‘Esbaiolar-vos’!

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