La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



ImPerfect wins the FETEN 2023 Award for Best Large Format Show

Last week we were once again at FETEN, the European Performing Arts Fair for Children. We return from this 32nd edition with the satisfaction of having been able to show the work we have done with ImPERFECT and with the enormous joy of having been recognized with the Award for Best Large Format Show.

FETEN 2023 took place between February 26th and March 3rd, with the participation of 79 companies from almost all the autonomous communities and from countries such as Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal, Ethiopia and Mexico, taking up pre-pandemic figures.

We are very happy that among the award winners there is another company from Lleida, Zum-Zum Teatre, recognised with the best direction for "El Testament" for the work of Ramon Molins, Jokin Oregi, Izaskun Fernández and Julián Sáenz López. And we are very happy that there are still three other companies of the Asociación de Teatro para Todos los Públicos (TTP) awarded: Inspira Teatre (Best Show for Early Childhood for "Sotabisc"), Samfaina de Colors (Best Music for "Sense Lluna") and La Pera Limonera (Best Playwriting for "Un vestit nou per l'Emperador"). In total, 5 companies from the TTP returned with an award from Gijón.

At this same fair, La Baldufa already received last year the FETEN Awards for Best Production and Best Scenic Space. Previously, in 2019 the Award for Best Male Performance, Ex Aequo, for the show Mi Padre es un Ogro; in 2015 the Award for Best Show and Award for Best Direction for Pinocchio, the Award for Best Theatrical Adaptation in 2012 for El Príncipe Feliz; the Award for Best Male Performance Ex Aequo 2010 for Cirque Déjà Vu; the Award for Best Stage Space for El Libro Imaginario in 2008 and two other awards for Baron de Munchausen in 2001: Best Show and Best Set Design.

Many thanks to the organisers for having once again placed their trust in us and congratulations to the other award winners!

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