La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Why we are enthusiastic about Teatre l'Artesà

Traveling continuously, as we theater people do, has wonderful things (we will leave for another day the things that are not so wonderful). One of the privileges of traveling so much is to be able to meet a diversity of projects, many people with love for the theater, with different ways of managing everything that goes into staging a show. It seemed to us that one of the last places where we have worked would be worthy of being on the list of those with good practices.

This idea that the show begins when the curtain rises, does not go much with the spirit of the Teatre L'Artesà (Prat de Llobregat), a space where they take great care of everything around the performance. That's why they put tons of energy and talent into aspects such as mediation, community work and parallel activities. Mediation work allows each show to reach the public in the best way possible, from a transversal perspective. They take great care of this at the Artesà, as they also take care of the community work (with aspects such as co-creation) or with parallel activities such as talks or workshops. A management model that comes from the dedication and commitment of Cristina and César: working with you has been a privilege, and we feel it is necessary to thank you for your good work, a task that has always helped us to improve our proposals.

A good example of this spirit is the "Caminos Vivos" project dedicated to creating spaces for exchange and collaboration between the artists working at Teatre L'Artesà and several schools in El Prat. They make the theater "a meeting place where artists, teachers and students can bring common interests and work into play and thus build together more and more complicit pedagogical practices. Through the arts we can encourage the development of participation and collaboration in educational contexts and, in this way, grow together in the school community, in the family environment and in the city-world". From humility, every day they fill with content words such as transversality or collaboration.

What we have discovered in all the rooms in this emblematic space in El Prat de Llobregat has thrilled us. Spaces like Teatre L'Artesà are taking very interesting steps to improve the model of exhibition and theater-companies relationship. Thank you for pouring in talent and energy.

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