La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Should we shake up the age categories of the shows?

When we choose shows, are we conditioned by the cataloguing of "children's theater" or "youth theatre?". We have always thought that these classifications are not helpful, but rather restrictive, and that perhaps it would be more appropriate to do as they do in the cinema and speak of "recommended ages".

There are a thousand examples: Xirriquiteula's Laika, Zum-Zum's shows like Polzet or Marie de Jongh's creations like Amour... these are works that can be enjoyed by children, teenagers, young people and adults. So, why pigeonhole them as "children theatre"?

Many of our shows also aspire to break down this invisible wall to allow more adult people to enjoy them. For example Pinocchio, Bye bye, Confetti, My father is an Ogre.... We see, in each representation, that emotions run the same way, regardless of age.

A shake-up to reinvent the cataloguing of shows would allow many "for adults" to add children and young people, and would make it easier for "children theatre" performances to incorporate adults and teenagers who very often do not find their place in these age boxes that are imposed on them.

How do you see it, should we shake up the catalogues and adopt those of the cinema for the theater?


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