La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Long live the Esbaiola't Festival! Thank you for these 15 years

We finish another Esbaiola't Festival and we do it with infinite gratitude to everyone for having enjoyed 16 editions of this wonderful cultural adventure.

This has been the last edition in which La Baldufa has been in charge of the artistic direction and organization of the festival. The decision to pass the baton has not been taken lightly, as this festival is more than just an event for us. It is a fundamental part of our life and a source of inspiration for our artistic career.

The reasons that have led us to take a step aside are several:

-The main task of the company is the production of theater shows, while the artistic direction of Esbaiola't was like an extra job. During these 15 years we have enjoyed carrying out the festival, but the current structure of the company does not allow us to continue managing it as we had done so far, nor with the level of quality and professionalism that we had achieved and that we think the Esbaiola't deserves.

-In addition, the festival has achieved a stable level of programming and audience over the years. Now that the festival is already consolidated, we believe it is a good time to pass the torch and allow new energies and visions to take over its leadership.

-On the other hand, despite the efforts of the City Council of Esterri d'Àneu, ensuring the financial sustainability of a festival of these characteristics has not always been an easy task. We also hope that this step aside serves to make the institutions realize that more support is needed for cultural initiatives such as Esbaiola't, which represent an opportunity for cultural and social growth for the town, the region and for the whole country.

We are confident that everything we have sown these years will be useful for whoever takes over. Long live the Esbaiolat!

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