La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020


Vivian LO20/03/2013:

The Happy Prince

With the combination of various elements and techniques, new sparkles were produced in the performance. Music, acting, shadow, lights, simple but detailed sets and props mixed well with the famous touching old tale and amused the audience of all ages. Audience of young age were curious and enthusiastic about the secrets behind, such as what are the props made of, how are the pretty shadows and projections produced; while the adult audience appreciated not only the beauty of how the performance was presented, but also something deeper — the message behind the story on love and sacrificing of the Swallow and the Prince. Their story moved the audience and through the performance, it showed another level of ‘beauty’ to us. The post performance talk with some demonstration was a bonus to all, where the group could actually share the idea, meaning, skills behind the creation, preparation, production and performance and the audience could express their thoughts towards the performance. Nice interaction was involved. Thank you for bring such a wonderful, small but pretty performance to us. It made us audience think and reflect.
Hong Kong


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