La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Pinocchio, the new production in progress

Pinocchio, a mischievous, disobedient puppet, is the story selected by La Baldufa as its new production opening at the very end of 2014.

Aspects such as the worthiness of education, the father-son relationship, the path of initiation, children’s naivety, or values like generosity, responsibility or forgiveness are some of the reasons why this well-known work in the world of theatre and cinema has been chosen.

At the present moment, the company is working on the dramaturgy of the show via rehearsal and research with different materials. A constant process of creation is helping the show come together slowly but surely.
There are two different premises behind this creation – little dialogue and the simplicity and versatility of the materials. Therefore, the scenery will mean going back to basics, to that of a show using things made by hand out of organic materials which will keep evolving and growing out of the shadows, projections and inventiveness.

The company is now searching for co-producers and collaborators to accompany us on our process of creation and during the show.

We will keep you updated about the different paths we take, as well as the possible dates of the pre-opening and opening events.

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