La Baldufa, PREMIO NACIONAL 2020



Temporada Alta to welcome the premiere of Pinocchio

La Baldufa is to release our latest production Pinocchio, based on the original story of Carlo Collodi, within the framework of the Temporada Alta festival, at Teatre de Salt, on November 30th 2014, at 12h.

Through this show, directed by Jokin Oregui, screenwriter and director of the company Marie de Jongh, and accompanied by the music of Óscar Roig, we will explain the story of a mischievous puppet-child. Pinocchio, who is free and has no prejudices, will immerse himself in diverse adventures, which will let us reflect on aspects such as the worthiness of education or values as responsibility and sincerity.
A show practically with no dialogue, which is played, evolves and grows out of several artistic and technical resources, where paper and wood are the base of versatile and organic scenery.
The actors of Pinocchio, Carles Pijuan, Emiliano Pardo and Enric Blasi, who together with Miki Arbizu, lightning designer and technician in scene, will interact during the whole show.

La Baldufa wanted to show our gratitude to Temporada Alta festival for having trusted our work and we do encourage you all to accompany us in such a special day!

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